30 May Whats the difference between an Orangery and a Conservatory?

Posted at 14:01 h in Conservatory, home improvement, Orangery

At this time of year we get tend to see more and more people thinking about extending their home. The question is, which way to go? Via the Orangery route or via the way of a Conservatory. Decisions, decisions...

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07 Mar Double Or Triple Glazing - Which Is The Best Fit For Your Home?

Posted at 16:42 h in Uncategorised

Noise pollution protection, heat retention and added home security, these are few of the benefits you get from fitting either double or triple glazed windows in your property but which is the best fit for you? In this article we will break down the different factors to take into consideration when deciding to double glaze or triple glaze.

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28 Feb Add Value To Your Home - Top tips for 2018

Posted at 16:13 h in Conservatory, Orangery

How To Add Value To Your Home with A Orangery Or Conservatory.

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06 Feb Which Style Of Window Is Right For Your Home?

Posted at 10:20 h in home improvement, Windows

When you're looking to find the right style of windows for your home, it can sometimes put you in a bit of a spin.

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04 Oct The Best Conservatory, Window & Door Showroom in Aylesbury?

Posted at 16:29 h in Conservatory, home improvement

At Bergson & Eaton we are very proud of our showroom here in Aylesbury.

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06 Sep Replacement Roof - Does My Conservatory Need One? - Answered

There is a new buzz product in our industry that has been gaining more and more recognition with each passing day. It's safe to say that, for us, it has now reached fever pitch!

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09 Aug Add value to your home with a conservatory or orangery

Around this time of year, weather permitting, you'll likely find yourself yearning to bask in the rays of the summer sun, who doesn't? Especially when the sun tends to be covered by clouds the vast majority of the time!

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05 Jul Is Your Conservatory Too Hot in Summer? Too Cold In Winter? Problem Solved!

This scenario is may be too common to you. The sun is beating down and you'd like to relax in the comfort of your conservatory but the temperature inside it is heading towards 40+ degrees.

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